Warm and cool colors

Try to remember a day at the beach, it is about the sunset, remember the colors, the sun is almost hidding and its light is very yellowish and orangish and the sand is turned to violet or purple, it is very beautiful, just to write about this bring memories to me, ok, going back to the article….this is color temperature, this is talk about warm and cool colors, you see everyday those colors, some times the diference bettween them is very soft other times very strong, but they are always here and we need to capture them into our canvases.

The color theory teach us that when we paint the lights with warm colors then we must paint the shadows with cool colors and viceversa, we have to paint the diference in temperature always because this help us to get the volume rigth, if we do not respect this rule, our paintings will always lack of something, the people who see our paintings they would not know what it is, but they will feel that something is not ok.

Keep in mind this in your head, because it is so easy to start to paint and forget about everything and just flow, but the color theory it has to be in your brain like a wisper that guide us when we paint.

To be more specific warm colors make reference about everything with high temperature and cool colors about cold temperature.

Warm colors, yellow, orange, red, brown

Cool colors: violet, blue, purple, green










Look at his paintings, you can see clearly the warm and cool colors.


710konstantnaleksyevichkorovin-4pieringurzuf_zps40b66360 contraste-complementarios3 SorollaimagesVolegov

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  1. Alberto Fernández Abal says:

    The second picture is tittled “Pescadoras valencianas” (1915) de Joaquín Sorolla
    The thirth picture is painted by Vladimir Volegov

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