Painting Lessons by Webcam

Welcome to my Portraits painting classes by Webcam

The painting lessons by Webcam have limitations but the GREAT ADVANTAGE is that it can help you very well to SOLVE PROBLEMS, I explain it to you, if something in your portrait painting is not going well, let’s say the blending between colors or between light and dark tones or drawing, proportion, Etc … we can work specifically on that point, I show you how to do it and you repeat it at home, we can repeat this process several times and I can even paint the same that you are painting, the idea is that you can solve the problem you have and what you have learned may be applied to your future paintings.

First, you need to send me an image of the painting you are having problems with, let me know what the problem are, in this way I can plan the best way to help you.

Cost per lesson.

1 hour:  10 dollars



Add me on Facebook> we will meet and then coordinate an appropriate time for you.