When we draw a portrait one of the main problems is to maintain the axis of the eyes with the nose and mouth, that is to say that many people draw one eye higher than the other or the nose deviated, we can solve this problem easily if we take as Reference an imaginary cross that passes through the eyes horizontally and through the middle of the nose, the mouth and the chin vertically, this cross must be taken into account all the time and accustom ourselves to check it out from time to time in the portrait that we are performing, verifying that our axes are fine.

Please take into consideration that this kind of mistakes if happens frequently and it is going to take us time to get used to keep this rule in mind, as I always say the theory must be like  wispher in our ears, guiding us all the time.

In the image the red lines mark the axes that we must always take into account.

the dots colors indicate the same size .

Renso Castaneda


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